Using 7-Zip Training Module

Using 7-Zip Training Module

7-Zip — an open-source cross-platform file-type archive compression software suitable for compress and decompress various known compression format like zip, tar.gz, and etc. This software is highly recommended by ZORALab as it's free and compatible across various operating system.

Why ZORALab Do This?

As ZORALab runs service-level product as its main business, we had been frequently asked about archived file software that has free and open license. The frequency of asking had reached to a point where it is unsustainable for our sides.

Training Module Purpose

The purpose is to further detailed out how to interact with 7-Zip archival software, extending the support from We are providing this self-help training module for free.

The main reason is that ZORALab interacts with very non-technical folks handling tech for the first time. We’re looking at people who do not get what symbol means and can mentally break down trying to find settings page. These are the usual admins in the company who still practicing writing password on a paper.

Pushing the upstream (7-Zip developers) to make a “granny” guide can be overwhelming and complicate the status quo. They need to support a wide profiles of user and granny-like profile is a niche segment.

Hence, for now, it makes sense to park the training materials under ZORALab training division until upstream folks requesting an upstreaming pull request or there is a better and sustainable idea.


If you found any problems or wanted to reach us, please feel free to:

Email Us at [email protected]

Available Materials By Operating System

Different operating system has different ways of using 7-Zip. Please select your operating system: