7-Zip Guides for Windows Users

7-Zip in Windows

7-Zip is available on Windows Opearting System - the most universally used operating system at the moment. Since compressing and decompressing archived file that is not zip format can be an hassle, ZORALab prepares these training materials to overcome that challenge easily using 7-Zip.

Training Module Purpose

This self-help training materials are meant for non-technical individual who struggles with dealing archived file like .rar, .zip, .tar, or .tar.gz files.

Usually, these folks will start looking for freemium software and get interrupted with licensing annoyance (e.g. prompt to purchase license). Hence, instead of asking them to continue using these freemium software, ZORALab strive to embrance 7-Zip software usage, allowing everyone to unilaterally deals with archived file without getting into licensing restriction.

Why ZORALab Is Doing This?

Let’s face it from our past customer services: we frequently face questions about this matter where customers want to use archived file software without the license annoyance. Our customers view ZORALab as a exploration leader in tech and software fields for stable and consistent solution and we had to explain 7-Zip each time with on-the-spot coaching. This is unsustainable.

Hence, instead of repeating ourselves again and again, we used our Bissetii Technology to build an universal self-help training material for them instead.

Available Training Materials

Here are the training materials we made available for anyone to self-learn how to use 7-Zip: